Ford 9″ Rear End Housing

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Here at Race Crafters we build any style ford nine inch rear end housing that will be utilized in a racing application. Ranging from drag racing to off road racing, it can be done here. All of our housing are fully fabricated from 4130 chromoly and tig welded using multiple passes. We utilize a 3/8″ face plate, full fab center section made of 5 pieces welded inside and out as well as internally gusseted. Depending on the application we will use 3″ or 3.5″ axle tubes. For drag race applications (top sportsman, pro stock, pro mod, super gas, super street, ext.) our in house custom four link bracket design gives optimal adjustment as well as perfect placement for wheelie bar and anti-roll pick up points. Housings are custom ordered per your specification.

Here is our procedure for building a complete housing.

– model the entire housing in solid works
– waterjet cut all parts from 4130 sheet
– blanchard ground the face plates and ream stud holes
– DA sand all cut out parts and bring to bright shinny metal
– cut axle tubes to length, machine inner side to nice finish and bevel the housing end side
– mount face plate and axle tubes to jig
– weld in top and bottom housing plates, inner gussets, and housing gusset plates
– bend all remaining parts using a hydraulic press and bend to spec
– complete the assembly of center section, weld inside and out, then grind/buff/and polish the exterior to smooth and even finish
– assemble and completely weld the four-link brackets utilizing custom jig fixture to maintain correct positioning
– install four-link brackets to axle tubes, locate to proper position and weld in place
– install back bone and race crafters name plate
– install wishbone mount, wheelie bar brackets, vent tube, fill cap and any other accessory per customer request
– give housing a complete acetone bath then weld a root pass on the entire housing
– wire brush all weld joints and whip clean with acetone, then go over the root pass with a cap pass
– take housing out of jig and place in bridgeport mill
– using a fly cutter, we cut off about 0.018″-0.023″ off of the face plate to eliminate any distortion from welding
– next we put the housing back in the jig fixture and check alignment of axle tubes, at this point if any straightening is needed, we will use a combination of heating/cooling and hydraulic press to straighten if needed (very very rarely is this ever done)
– now we put the alignment bar in location using locators and position the housing end flanges. These have a bevel to them to match the bevel on the axle tubes.
– once in place, we use a weld positioner along with custom fixture to rotate the entire housing simultaneously as we weld the flanges on. Using this process will allow multiple passes at a time evenly distributing heat throughout the part, preventing miss-alignment.
– once completed, the housing is checked one last time for alignment. the goal is to be able to spin our true bar forward and aft easily with all alignment pucks in proper location.

We typically sell a complete top sportsman style housing for $3,650 depending on the options. If you have any questions feel free to write me an email or give me a call anytime.

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