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Race Crafters is a chassis fabrication shop in Simi Valley, CA. We started out doing solely TIG welding jobs for small companies and small-time clients. We have since grown past just production TIG welding to chassis fabrication, sheet metal fabrication and waterjet cutting as well.


TIG welding is the highest-quality welding procedure in the industry. Welders in the most high-tech, high-performance industries use TIG welding, including aerospace and motorsports.

It is not only the premiere form of welding in our field, but is also an ever-evolving art form that requires constant attention and dedication. Race Crafters strives to be the best in this field. Considering this is the only form of welding we perform in our shop, we can devote 100% of our time to honing our craft and staying on top of the progression.

We only believe in using the highest-quality tools. Utilizing miller inverter technology along with several precision grounded tables, fixturing equipment, rotisserie tables and weld positioners allows us to produce the highest quality and the most accurate welding fabrication possible.

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It’s not about just welding. In order to produce the best possible weld, not only do you have to have the experience and tooling, you have to utilize the best quality material.

With every job, we only utilize certified material from reputable distributors. We also spend countless hours in prep work prior to welding to ensure purity.

From DA sanding, acid washing and acetone baths, all material is brought to a bright, shiny condition prior to welding. This goes for 4130 chromoly, various grades of steel, aluminum and titanium.


Since no two materials are alike, no two jobs are alike. Each job and each material requires specific TIG welding techniques to produce the best possible outcome for strength and appearance.

With our vast experience and expertise, Race Crafters can assure you that your part will be built and welded to the highest standard attainable.

We go above and beyond, and we take our welding very seriously. We make every weld count, from a small dzus tab that attaches a body panel to a lower control arm that will take thousands of pounds of load.

We test our welds periodically to make sure that we stay on point. We stand behind every job with the utmost confidence.

Choose Race Crafters when it comes time for your welding project!


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